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Pasumanjal Paste in Coimbatore

Pasumanjal Paste in Coimbatore

Paleo Pharmacy Store is the trader of Pasumanjal paste in Coimbatore. For details contact 9363 123 234.

  • This Pasumanjal Herbal Healing Paste can be used to fix our body's underlying problem. It is formulated to be eaten immediately as a compound paste subject to lab tests with natural ingredients required for health.
  • Eaten by people of all ages (non-dieters and the elderly) over the age of 6.


Take 1 tablespoon (10 to 15 grams) daily (strictly) mixed with half a tumbler of hot water and taken only after meals. Be sure to take at least 3 months.


The carbohydrate food we take in daily is converted into glucose after digestion. This causes the molecules in our body to break down and cause inflammation of the blood vessels and intestinal tract causing many major diseases and also causing stomach related problems. This is the cause of the basic problems of our body. All the above mentioned basic effects will give the whole solution in a natural way. It plays a major role in resolving stomach related problems and keeping your stomach functioning naturally For example, stomach digestion, esophageal ulcers, intestinal ulcers, stomach ulcers, ulcers, flatulence, etc. are also curable. The compound also boosts the body's immune system against any germs such as corona, which builds and protects the body's immune system and works against cancer cells.